The 2018 EndGame Awards Listener Survey

Here are the Open Competition categories for the 2018 EndGame Podcast "Endie" awards! All choices are listed alphabetically. IF YOU ARE NOT FULLY UP TO DATE ON THESE SHOWS THE QUESTIONS MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! Cast your vote, send this poll to a friend, and follow us on Twitter @endgamepodcasts or #endies2018 for updates. We'll be doing a special podcast for the awards soon!

1- Most confusing or hardest to follow series

2- Who had the Best Death?

3- Whose death was the saddest?

4- Best Actor in Multiple Roles

5- Best Psychotic Older Brother

6- Best Harry Potter Alumni

7- Best Evil Genius-type

8- Best Incest

9- Best Multiple Deaths

10- Coolest Henchmen/Sidekick(s)

11- Best Siblings

12- Best use of nuclear weapons

13- Worst Plan

14- Outstanding performance by a winged reptile in a supporting role

15- Biggest, badest, bestest Pimp

16- Best Performance in a Role Missing Genitalia

17- Best Couple

18- Best in-show Commercials